Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Wanderlust week 4 - 6

Week 4 - activities, not allowed to share part of it as it is a year long challenge.
What I can share is a Journal page using 3 colours with as much black white and grey as you want, written prompt was, "I am ready.......". 
Week 5 - There is no final. basically this was an exercise in putting down a single or double layer as a base on several pages to return to at a later date, Ummm not much to show there I'm afraid.
Week 6 - Amanda Grace, The Love letter. This for me is a work in progress as its not my cup a tea. I get the layers and texture, but opening up your inner most thoughts is well, not me.
If you would like to check out her blog you can find it here.
Sue X

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